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Common Clinical Assessment Tool

​The Development of a Common Clinical Assessment Tool for Clinical Evaluation in Nurse Anesthesia Education in the United States

Special Interest Group Members
Sass Elisha, EdD, CRNA; Laura Bonanno, DNP, CRNA; Demetrius Porsche, DNS, PhD, FACHE, FAANP, FAAN; Amanda Brown, DNAP, CRNA; Brett Clay, DNAP, CRNA; Deana Starr, DNP, CRNA
The COA formed and charged the Common Clinical Assessment Tool (CCAT) Special Interest Group with developing a standardized assessment instrument that is competency based and reflective of the Practice Doctorate Standards for nurse anesthesia programs’ use. The Special Interest Group has developed an initial draft of a CCAT including domains, competencies, and progression indicators. 
Methodology and Results
The SIG used a Delphi Study technique to develop a CCAT and validate its use in nurse anesthesia programs and improve the ability to accurately assess student' s clinical competencies. The COA sought participation from a Panel of Judges from its communities of interest (i.e. program administrator, nurse anesthesia faculty, clinical educators, and nurse anesthesia students) to evaluate the CCAT. 
The Common Clinical Assessment Tool can provide consistently accurate evaluation of a learner’s clinical performance during anesthesia education which is vital to: 
Allow the learner to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. 
Effectively integrate academic knowledge into clinical practice. 
Improve competence upon graduation and patient outcomes. 
Determine if terminal educational objectives are being achieved. 
Serve as documentation for remediation or dismissal.
Next Steps
After approval from the COA Board of Directors, the CCAT will be distributed to all US program administrators during a “call for comment” period. All revisions will be completed by Fall 2018 and its use will be optional. The COA’s CCAT will be the first nationally validated clinical assessment instrument in nurse anesthesia within the US. Future analysis will be needed to determine if the CCAT accurately and consistently evaluates clinical performance in nurse anesthesia learners.
The CCAT would like to express its appreciation to the COA for its support of the project.  Also its appreciation to the Accreditation Specialists Susan Monsen, MATD and Molyka Leonard, MPA, for staff support.
To view more details about the development of the Common Clinical Assessment Tool, please click here.​​
If you should have any questions please contact the 
Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs 
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