COA Actions and Concerns Related to AANA Resolution 2021-3

On August 14, 2021, the COA distributed a notice to the community of interest that identified concerns with the language in AANA Resolution 2021-3 that requests the COA provide an update to the AANA Board on three requests detailed in the Resolution by March 31, 2022 “so that the Board, if necessary, can explore any and all further actions that can be taken to help implement the task force recommendations.” The three requests include the following.

  • The COA adopt all Full Scope of Practice Competency Task Force final recommendations by March 31, 2022, with the goal that every CRNA Education Program has them implemented within the next 5 years (March 31, 2027).
  • The COA define CRNA as “certified registered nurse anesthetist” and “certified registered nurse anesthesiologist”, and to recognize the terms as conceptually interchangeable and synonymous titles just like the AANA does.
  • The COA to update their documents and definitions to change the term “anesthesiologist” when being used to refer to a physician to “physician anesthesiologist.”

The actions the COA has taken on the three requests was identified in the COA’s statement during the AANA Business Meeting and are posted on the COA website (see below). The COA requests program administrators and their faculty review the actions the COA has already taken on the three requests and the concerns identified in the COA’s response. Following the AANA Annual Business meeting members voted on and passed Resolution 2021-3.

At this time programs should contact the COA with any questions or concerns related to Resolution 2021-3 and its impact on their programs.