Accredited Programs, Next and Last Review Dates and Last Accreditation Decisions

The following is the current list of accredited programs.  

Accreditation decisions are based on published Accreditation Policies and Procedures.  The number of years of continued accreditation is granted based on programs’ compliance with the standards.  The decisions are shown in the Reports of Action.

To view a specific Report of Actions for a specific program please click on their Accreditation Decision link.

Note:  Some programs have had a change in date approved since their last review.  Therefore, the “Date of Next Review” may be different than identified in the Report of Actions.

Also some programs have changed their names since their last accreditation decision.  Therefore, the name on the list may be different than identified in the Report of Actions.

Additional information including the accreditation status of all nurse anesthesia programs can be found on the List of Accredited Educational Programs and on CRNA School Search.

(* identifies programs with name changes)

ProgramNext ReviewLast ReviewDecision
*AdventHealth University Nurse Anesthesia ​Program5/20306/2020Continued Accreditation
Albany Medical College Nurse Anesthesiology Program 10/202910/2019Continued Accreditation
Allegheny School of Anesthesia5/20255/2015Continued Accreditation​
Antillean Adventist University Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202210/2015Initial
Arkansas State Univ College of Nursing & Health Professions
School of Nursing
5/20245/2014Continued Accreditation​
Augusta University Nurse Anesthesia Program5/20235/2012Continued Accreditation
Baptist Health Murray State University
Program of Anesthesia
05/202605/2022Continued Accreditation
Barry University Master of Science 
Program in Anesthesiology
05/203205/2022Continued Accreditation​
Baylor College of Medicine Doctor of Nursing Practice
Program-Nurse Anesthesia
5/20245/2014Continued Accreditation​
Bellarmine University Juneja Nurse Anesthesia Program4/1/20291/26/2023
Boston College William F. Connell School of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Program5/20266/2016Continued Accreditation
Bryan College of Health Sciences
School of Nurse Anesthesia
05/203105/2021Continued Accreditation
Carolinas Medical Center Nurse Anesthesia Program/UNCC5/20245/2014Continued Accreditation
Cedar Crest College Nurse Anesthesia Program5/20235/2018Initial
Charleston Area Medical Center
School of Nurse Anesthesia 
5/20235/2018Continued Accreditation
Clarkson College Nurse Anesthesia Program5/20266/2016Continued Accreditation​
Cleveland Clinic Foundation/Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing/Case Western Reserve University5/20235/2012Continued Accreditation​
Columbia University School of Nursing
Program in Nurse Anesthesia
10/202810/2008Continued Accreditation
Villanova University Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Nurse Anesthesia Program10/203110/2021Continued Accreditation
Samford University Department of Nurse Anesthesia Moffett and Sanders School of Nursing5/20255/2015Continued Accreditation​
Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Program School of Nursing at Georgetown University5/1/20245/1/2014
Drexel University Nurse Anesthesia Program 10/203110/2021Continued Accreditation
Duke University Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202310/2013Continued Accreditation
East Carolina University College of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202610/2016Continued Accreditation​
Emory University Doctor of Nursing​05/202305/2017​Initial
Excela Health School of Anesthesia  10/202810/2018Continued Accreditation
Fairfield University and Bridgeport Hospital Nurse Anesthesia Program05/203105/2021Continued Accreditation
Florida Gulf Coast University MSN
Nurse Anesthesia Program
10/202210/2012Continued Accreditation
Florida International Univ College of Nursing & Health Sciences Anesthesiology Nursing Program5/20235/2019Continued Accreditation
Florida State University Nurse Anesthesia Program05/203105/2021Initial
Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing Program of Nurse Anesthesia/Case Western Reserve University5/20306/2020Continued Accreditation
Franciscan Healthcare School of Anesthesia5/20266/2016Continued Accreditation
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University Nurse Anesthesia Program*10/20281/2009Continued Accreditation
Frank J. Tornetta School of Anesthesia at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery/LaSalle University*10/202210/2018Continued Accreditation
Geisinger Health System/Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Nurse Anesthesia Program05/20255/2015Continued Accreditation​​
Georgetown University School of Nursing
Nurse Anesthesia Program
5/20245/2014Continued Accreditation
Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College Nurse Anesthesia Program 10/202510/2015Continued Accreditation
Inter American University of Puerto Rico
Master of Science in Anesthesia
10/202510/2021Continued Accreditation
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Nurse Anesthesiology Track of the DNP Program05/202501/2020Initial Accreditation
Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia/California State University Fullerton Department of Nursing5/20275/2017Continued Accreditation​
Keiser University Nurse Anesthesia Program5/202301/2019Continued Accreditation
Lincoln Memorial University, Caylor School of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Concentration5/20245/2014Continued Accreditation​
Loma Linda University School of Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia Concentration5/20271/2017Continued Accreditation
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) School of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Option5/20235/2013Continued Accreditation​
Lourdes University MSN Nurse Anesthesia Program 5/20266/2016Continued Accreditation​
Marian University Nurse Anesthesia Program​​05/202305/2017​Initial Accreditation
​Marquette University College of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Educational Program​5/2023​01/2018​Initial
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Mayo School of Health Sciences, Nurse Anesthesia Graduate Programs10/202310/2013Continued Accreditation
Medical University of South Carolina Anesthesia for Nurses Program 10/203006/2020Continued Accreditation
Michigan State University Nurse Anesthesia Program College of Nursing10/202310/2013Continued Accreditation
Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia  05/202705/2017Continued Accreditation​
Midwestern University10/203110/2021Continued Accreditation
Minneapolis School of Anesthesia  5/20255/2015Continued Accreditation
Missouri State University School of Anesthesia10/202610/2016Continued Accreditation
Mount Marty College Graduate Program in Nurse Anesthesiology 10/202410/2014Continued Accreditation
National University Fresno
Nurse Anesthesia Program
Newman University Nurse Anesthesia Program 5/2026 5/2022Continued Accreditation
Northeastern University Bouve College of Health Sciences School of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Program5/20245/2014Continued Accreditation
Northern Kentucky University
Nurse Anesthesia Program
10/20221/2017Initial Accreditation
Northshore University HealthSystem
School of Anesthesia-DePaul University
10/202510/2015Continued Accreditation
Nurse Anesthesia Program of Hartford10/202810/2018Continued Accreditation
Oakland University Beaumont Graduate Program of Nurse Anesthesia10/202210/2012Continued Accreditation
Old Dominion University, School of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202410/2014Continued Accreditation
Oregon Health & Science University, School of Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202810/2018Continued Accreditation
Otterbein University-Grant Medical Center Nurse Anesthesia Program5/20266/2016Continued Accreditation
Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center, Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202910/2019Continued Accreditation
Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, Gonzaga University Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202610/2016Continued Accreditation
Quinnipiac University Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202910/2019Continued Accreditation
UNC Greensboro, School of Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Nurse Anesthesia Concentration (formerly Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia/ University of North Carolina at Greensboro)5/20235/2012Continued Accreditation
Rhode Island College School of Nursing/St. Joseph Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia5/20266/2016Continued Accreditation
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202210/2012Continued Accreditation
Rush University College of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Program 5/20255/2015Continued Accreditation
Rutgers School of Nursing Anesthesia Program*5/202810/2018Continued Accreditation
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Graduate Program in Nurse Anesthesia10/202910/2019Continued Accreditation
Samuel Merritt University Program of Nurse Anesthesia5/20245/2014Continued Accreditation
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Nursing Anesthesia Nursing Specialization5/20306/2020Continued Accreditation
St. Elizabeth Health Center School for Nurse Anesthetists, Inc.5/20275/2017Continued Accreditation
Texas Christian University
School of Nurse Anesthesia
10/202610/2016Continued Accreditation
Texas Wesleyan University Graduate Programs of Nurse Anesthesia10/202110/2011Continued Accreditation
The Millikin University and Decatur Memorial Hospital Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202610/2016Continued Accreditation
The University of Akron Nurse Anesthesia Program5/20246/2016Continued Accreditation
The University of Alabama at Birmingham Doctor of Nursing Practice Pathway in Nurse Anesthesia*10/202010/2010Continued Accreditation
The University of Arizona Nurse Anesthesia Program10/20201/2015Initial 
The University of Iowa College of Nursing Anesthesia Nursing Program10/202010/2010Continued Accreditation
The University of Michigan-Flint/Hurley Medical Center Master of Science in Anesthesia Program5/20245/2014Continued Accreditation
The University of Scranton Nurse Anesthesia Program*10/202210/2012Continued Accreditation
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga-Erlanger Health System, Nurse Anesthesia Concentration05/202205/2012Continued Accreditation
The University of Tennessee College of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Concentration10/202410/2014Continued Accreditation
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia Option10/202910/2019Continued Accreditation​
The University of Tulsa Nurse Anesthesia Program05/20256/2020Initial Accreditation
Thomas Jefferson University Jefferson College of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202910/2019Continued Accreditation
Truman Medical Center School of
Nurse Anesthesia
5/20255/2015Continued Accreditation
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Daniel K. Inouye Graduate School of Nursing NAP10/202310/2013Continued Accreditation
Union University School of Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia Track5/20225/2012Continued Accreditation
University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Nurse Anesthetist Program10/202010/2010Continued Accreditation
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202410/2019Initial Accreditation
University of Cincinnati, College of Nursing Masters Program-Nurse Anesthesia Major10/202110/2011Continued Accreditation
University of Detroit Mercy Graduate, Program of Nurse Anesthesiology10/202510/2015Continued Accreditation
University of Kansas Nurse Anesthesia Program05/203006/2020Continued Accreditation
University of Maryland School of Nursing Graduate Programs Nurse Anesthesia10/202710/2017Continued Accreditation
University of Miami School of Nursing & Health Studies Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202810/2018Continued Accreditation
University of Minnesota School of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Area of Study10/20291/2019Continued Accreditation
University of New England School of Nurse Anesthesia 5/20215/2011Continued Accreditation
University of North Dakota College of Nursing and Professional Disciplines5/20215/2011Continued Accreditation
University of North Florida Nurse Anesthetist Program 10/202910/2019Continued Accreditation
University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202510/2015Continued Accreditation
University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Program5/20306/2020Continued Accreditation
University of Puerto Rico School of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202210/2018Continued
​University of Saint Francis BSN-DNP Nurse Anesthesia Program​05/2023​05/2017​Initial
University of South Florida College of Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202110/2011Continued Accreditation
University of Southern California (USC) Program of Nurse Anesthesia Department of Anesthesiology5/20235/2019Continued Accreditation
University of Southern Mississippi Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202910/2019Continued
University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center, School of Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Division10/202110/2011Continued Accreditation
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh College of Nursing Certified Nurse Anesthetist Emphasis10/202110/2016Initial
UPMC Hamot School of Anesthesia/Gannon University5/20215/2011Continued Accreditation
US Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing in Anesthesia Nursing 10/202110/2011Continued Accreditation
USC/PRMH Graduate Program in Nurse Anesthesia 10/202910/2019Continued Accreditation
Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Nurse Anesthesia5/20215/2011Continued Accreditation
Wake Forest Baptist Health/Wake Forest School of Medicine Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202510/2015Continued Accreditation​
Wayne State University, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences5/202410/2014Continued Accreditation​
Webster University Nurse Anesthesia Program5/203006/2020Continued Accreditation
West Virginia University Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202410/2019Initial Accreditation
Western Carolina University Nurse Anesthesia Program10/202210/2012Continued Accreditation
Westminster College School of Nursing and Health Sciences Master’s of Science in Nurse Anesthesia5/20225/2012Continued Accreditation
Yale New Haven Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia10/202510/2015Continued Accreditation​
York College of Pennsylvania/WellSpan Health, Nurse Anesthetist Program5/20225/2012Continued Accreditation