Hearing and Call for Comments on the Proposed Revisions to the Accreditation Standards
Update: August 20, 2020
FAQ's and Statement Regarding Meeting Clinical Requirements
COA Directors and Staff Directory

Find a listing of the current directors and staff of the COA.

Advancing the Profession Through Quality Educational Standards

The COA is responsible for establishing the educational standards for nurse anesthesia programs. The standards represent the minimum requirements all programs must meet.

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COA Recruiting Onsite Reviewers

The COA is seeking qualified educator practitioner and educator administrator onsite reviewers to conduct visits to educational programs to assess programs’ compliance with the COA’s Standards for Accreditation. Practitioners Individuals spending 40% or greater of their time in the practice of anesthesia (actual administration of anesthesia, clinical supervision/instruction of students, related clinical activities).  Please refer […]

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FAQ’s and Statement Regarding Meeting Clinical Requirements

The COA is continuing to monitor measures being taken by nurse anesthesia programs to control the spread of COVID-19 and the impacts of these measures. To assist programs in remaining compliant with the COA’s Standards, Policies and Procedures during this emergency the COA has developed FAQs. […]

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COA Publishes White Paper on Scholarly Work

At its October 2019 meeting, the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs (COA) approved the publication of the white paper, “Scholarly Work for Practice Doctorate Nurse Anesthesia Programs: Current State and Guidance.”  The purpose of the white paper is to guide programs’ development of criteria for scholarly work as defined in the Standards […]

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COA Revisions to Clarify Requirements for Clinical Supervision of Nurse Anesthesia Students

At its October 9-11, 2019 meeting, the COA reviewed and revised its accreditation Standards and Glossary definitions related to clinical supervision of nurse anesthesia students. The revisions clarify the well-established requirement that states: “Supervision at clinical sites is limited to CRNAs and anesthesiologists who are institutionally credentialed to practice and immediately available for consultation.” The […]

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