Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs
"Supporting Quality Assessment and Improvement in Nurse Anesthesia Education"
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COA Celebration Lunch 

In celebration of the COA’s 5 years of continued USDE recognition, the AANA staff were invited to join the COA Board and COA staff for a meet-and-greet  lunch on October 26, at the conclusion of the COA Board meeting. ​ 

From left to right:  Juan Gonzalez, PhD, CRNA; Michael Fallacaro, DNS, CRNA, FAAN; Audrey Berman, PhD, RN; Shari Burns, EdD, MSN, CRNA; Maria Hirsch, DNAP, CRNA; Carly Koerner, BSN, RN, CCRN; Claire Dixon-Lee, PhD, RHIA, CPH, FAHIMA; Julie Pearson, PhD, CRNA; Brian Andrew, JD, MA; Paul Austin, PhD, CRNA; Laura Bonanno, DNP, CRNA; James Walker, DNP, CRNA, FNAP, FAAN Not pictured:  Susan McDonald, DNP, RN, MBA, FACHE, NEA-BC, CENP (Photos:  Linda Lacey)​

Nurse Anesthesia Programs Awarding Master's and Doctoral Degrees for Entry into Practice

Nurse anesthesia programs continue to transition to awarding doctoral degrees. As of August 10, 2018, there are a total of 80 nurse anesthesia programs approved to offer entry-level doctoral degrees and 24 programs offering post-master’s doctoral completion degree programs for CRNAs. Forty-one programs remain to be approved to award doctoral degrees for entry into practice by the deadline of January 1, 2022. 


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The Development of a Common Clinical Assessment Tool for Clinical Evaluation in Nurse Anesthesia Education in the United States

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